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One of the big functionalities of 3dCutout is . Each animation in archive will be loaded on every character!

Previewing archive is very simple, just mouse over thumbnails, a movie will be played. Tag system helps you to find right animation.



Human category contains all animation saved by human character.


Quadruped category contains all animation saved by Quadruped.


Quadruped category contains all animation saved by Objects.


Animation saved as Temp by using Temp checkbox in are here.


Show all animations

When on, shows all animations in selected category.

Search by tag

You can search animations by using its tags. Choose a tag from tag list and hit "+" button to add tag to tags for search.

If have one tag

Shows animations which has one of the tags.

If have all tags together

Shows animations which has all tags together.

Show only:

My animations

When on, shows only animations saved by me (my user).

Selected character

When on, shows only animations saved by selected character in scene.

Selected or all:

All parts

When chosen, you just need to select a part of character and animation will be load on all parts of character.

Selected Parts

When chosen, animation will be load only on selected parts of character.

Loading Modes:


Replace existing animation by new one.


Append animation after last key frame of existing animation. Finding last frame is automatic and you don't need to move time slider.


Insert animation between existing animations.


Cycle system helps you create walk-cycle by using a sample walk-cycle.

Loading Options:

Lets you choose what part of animation you want to load.

Delete-Edit tags:

To delete an animation from archive do Shift+click(LMB) on its thumbnail.

To edit assigned tags of an animation from archive do Ctrl+click(LMB) on its thumbnail.

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