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You don't need to explore Windows and search over and over again to find a Max file. All are here!

All assets are classified and categorized in .

You can click on thumbnails and then double-click anywhere in viewport to merge those file. You can create-delete categories or move an Asset to other category.

Characters panel

Content of this panel are humans, quadrupeds and maybe animals. Depend of your project you can make many categories as you want. For example “Men's”, “Women's”, “Childes”, “Animals” etc.

All characters created with Character Generator and Quadruped Generator automatically will be saving in here.

Environments panel

Content of this panel are decorative objects, like trees, grounds, walls, windows etc. they don't have a complex rigging or extra controllers.

Each layer in Photoshop will be saving as in environment in here by using Environment Generator.

Objects panel

Content of this panel are props that character has reaction with them. For example hat, bags, guns etc. these objects may have complex rigging and controllers.

Object Generator is a tool for creating objects.

Backgrounds panel

You can create collection of environments as a Background file. This file helps you to manage Backgrounds of a project, for example jungle, desert, and sea Backgrounds.

Collections panel

You can combine selection of assets like character, objects … and create new Collection of asset. Animation, links, poses, and other properties will be saving along a file and you can reuse this collection everywhere you want. You can load all assets in a collection or just load some part of it.


There is two methods for searching a name in Asset Browser.

1 – Find all assets start with a letters.

2 – Find all assets contain a letters.


To move an asset from a category to another do Ctrl+LMB on its thumbnail.

To completely delete an asset from project do Shift+LMB on its thumbnail.

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