Asset Generators

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All exported files from Photoshop will import in 3dCutout by using .

3dCutout has three main types of Assets: Characters, Objects and Environments. For importing this Assets we have several generator.

Character Generator:

We use this generator to auto rig human like characters. By using this script you just need to pick each part of a character and click Generate! Each rigging process including linking, IK, wire, controller, etc. are automatic. Also with this, you can create extra controller or spline and skin system and link them to character. For more information take a look at Character Generator.

Environment Generator:

This generator is especially for importing layers as environments. Each Photoshop layer will be an environment in 3dcutout and all layers will be saved as a background. Later in 3dcutout you can combine environments and create new backgrounds. For more information take a look at Environment Generator.

Object Generator:

Objects are props that character has reaction with them. Spline, Skin helps you create variety of rigging easily. For more information take a look at Object Generator.

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