Character Generator

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As you know rigging is one of the hardest part of the animation. Character Generator helps you to rig a humanoid character automatic, easy and very fast. Creating a rig with standard skeletal and naming will able you to share created animations between characters. Creating each links, expressions, IKs, etc. are automatic.

Load PSL: Lets you load a PSL file from disk.

Load Bitmap: Lets you load a PSL file from disk.

Link: Activates link tool.

Unlink: Unlinks selected objects.

Align: Opens align dialog option.

Pivot: Activates Pivot mode.

Spline: Lets you create spline by clicking on viewport.

Controller: Lets you create simple shape controller by clicking on viewport.

Skin: select a part of spline and object(s) that you want be skinned and hit this button.

Delete Skin: Deletes skin from selected object(s)

How to rig a character:

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