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Download latest version of the 3dCutout installer from the installer. When you see the Setup Wizard Page, Click on Next button.

Installer will automatically detects all 64-bit 3dsmax and Photoshop installed on your machine. Select version that you want to install 3dcutout on. 3dCutout does not affect installed 3dsmax files and configurations. You can install 3dCutout for all 3dsmax and Photoshop versions installed on your computer and use them at the same time, just reaped install process and select another version in this section. If you want to install just Photoshop plugin, you can uncheck 3dCutout checkbox.Then click on Next button.

3dCutout will be installed as a standalone software and you don't need to install it in the 3dsmax folder. It's recommended to leave destination folder to the default path (C:\Program Files\3dCutout). Click Next button.

Click Install to finishing installation.

After finishing installation, a 3dCutout shortcut will be create in your desktop. There is no need to copy any .dll or .ms or .mse or any other files in your 3dsmax folder and 3dCutout is ready to start. Always start 3dCutout just by running shortcuts in your desktop.

Trial version:

Full version:

Activating Full version:

If you installed Trial version, you can skip this step. First time you run 3dCutout Full version, you will be confront with activation dialog:

Copy Request Code and go to the 3dCutout www, page to purchasing Activation Code. After you get Activation Code, Paste it here and click Activate. When you get congratulation message, 3dCutout is activated on your computer.


Also if you look at the Photoshop, you can see 3dCutout exporter (PSL) was added to scripts menu.

Well, installation was completed. Enjoy it!

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