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By using button, you don't need to explore Windows to save or load files, all max files will be saved automatically by specifying Episode, Sequence, Plan number.

Upon every Save process, one backup file will be created, which you can access later in (History section).


Here you can choose which episode you want to save file.

Sequence ("Seq")

Here you can choose which sequence you want to save file.


Here you can choose which plan you want to save file.


In many cases you had to create various version of a plan, for example: Plan01_A, Plan01_B or Plan01_C.

Lock for this user

You can lock this plan by turning lock option on. Other users won't be able to save on this file.


Let's you to change phase of a plan. For Example, If you check Layout Approved, this means plan is ready to animate and this kind of plan will be shown as green in rollout.

Layout_Finished means layout was finished and ready for layout supervising.

Layout_Approved means layout supervisor approved plan and it's ready for animate.

Animate_Finished means animator finished his job and ready for supervising.

Animate_Finished means animation supervisor approved this plan and it's ready for render.


You can add-edit notes for this file.

Important note

By checking this checkbox, user will be force to see notes. After loading file, a Messagebox pops up and shows important note.

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