Starting 3dCutout

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Always start 3dCutout by using desktop shortcut. If you accidentally deleted a shortcut, just reinstall 3dCutout again. Do not execute 3dCutout.exe directly from installation folder.

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When you run 3dCutout, first 3dsmax will be launch automatically. Then 3dCutout User Interface will be load inside 3dsmax. First step is selecting project that you want to work on by using button, you can see a Test Project is created for you by default. Test Project is an empty project. So you had to create all assets from beginning.

If you click on Test Project thumbnail, all 3dCutout buttons will be appear and accessible, so you can start working on project.

3dCutout's pipeline is different from what we do inside 3dsmax. We do not create geometry or any other object inside 3dCutout. All content such as characters, objects and background must be create inside Photoshop. Then we will export them by 3dCutout PSL Exporter, which we installed before. Finally we use 3dCutout generators to setup and rig those content inside 3dCutout. So let's jump to the Content Creation.

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