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Pivot Point: Lets you change transform center.

Reference Coordinate System: Lets you change reference coordinate system.

Edit Keys: Activate edit keys mode, so you can edit key frame in trajectory.

On/Off: Shows or hides the trajectory for selected objects. By using this command you only see the trajectory and you cannot edit keys.

Off All: Because trajectory decreases viewport frame rate, use this command to turn all trajectories off.

Curve Editor: Opens Curve Editor dialog, so you can edit animation curves. This dialog is configured to show only animatable curves.

Selector: Creates selection set object based on selection. For load selection set, just hold down Ctrl Key and click on selector object.

Layer Animation: Opens layer animation dialog.

Color Correction: Opens Color Correction dialog. You can change hue, saturation, brightness, etc. for selection.

Ghosting: Turns Ghosting on or off.

Visibility: Changes visibility of selection. Note that you must render to see any changes to visibility.

Color: Lets you change wire color of selection.

Size: Lets you change size, radius, width or height of the selected controllers.

UTile and VTile: This spinners works on tile objects only, to increase or decrease tile amount.

Edit Sound: Opens Sound Editor, so you can import and change properties of sound clips.

Sound Toggle: Sound clip will be play at playback time if you toggle this button.

IK-FK: If you select IK-FK controller object in the scene, then you can change its value by using this spinner.

Squash-Stretch: If you select Squash-Stretch controller object in the scene, then you can change its value by using this spinner.

Object Locks: Turn on any axis in the Move, Rotate, or Scale group box to lock the axis.

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