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    Do you have any more information on how to install 3dcutout.

    To me the documentation is missing a few steps. I am on Win7 x64 max 2015.

    I installed trial version 1.5.6.exe

    I am stuck on essential steps 1 Creating a workgroup.

    The graphic with the Workgroup Management has a 3d max logo. I don’t have (have never seen ) a workgroup management section in 3ds max.

    I also tried running the 3dCutout_Trial.exe nothing happens.

    Do I need to run some script from within max?



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    One of the main features which is not in the trial version is workgroup. So the only way to manage this is to buy full version. If you want to see other differences between trial version and full version, please take a look at feature table in Downloads page.

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    Thanks for getting back to me.

    My question was about how to install 3dcutout. There are no instillation notes in the help.

    The 3dCutout_Trial.exe in the start menu does not do anything. Is that the way it is supposed to be?

    From within max we ran the StartApplication.mse script. The 3dcutout interface starts!

    We have tried using the demo but other features don’t seem to be working.

    Loading your demo scene man.psl the Target Thumbnail Generator does not pick up the mouth.

    Also the hands don’t link.

    Have we installed the script correctly? Or are these features also not included?



    It would be great if tell me where the problem is,so i can solve it.

    1 – Installation?
    You don’t need to run any .mse or execute .exe directly from installation folder. Just run shortcut from your desktop.
    Download last version of 3dcutout (trial or full).
    You will find only one installer file, there is no specification in setup process. Installer will detect 3dsmax and Photoshop automatically.
    Reinstall 3dcutout again.
    After installation,run program from your desktop, If you didn’t see 3dCutout UI, or if you get any error message, please capture a screenshot and upload it for me.

    2 – Creating content?
    All content must be create in Photoshop first. Paint characters, objects, backgrounds, etc in Photoshop, then export them by using 3dCutout-Photoshop PSL exporter which installer already installed in Photoshop.
    Then import and setup all content by using 3dcutout generators (Character Generator, Object Generator, Environment Generator).

    3 – Rigging?
    If you don’t run program correctly, you may conform with many problems.
    You can find many tutorials in the Youtube Channel which learn you how you can setup or rig content in 3dcutout.

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    1/ Installation

    I uninstalled it using unins000.exe from 3dCutout_Trial.

    Reinstalled – trial version 1.5.6.exe

    3dCutout_Trial 2015 64-Bit desktop icon works and launches 3dcutout.

    2/ Creating content.

    Photoshop exporter worked first time round.

    3/ Rigging
    Target Thumbnail Generator now works.

    Hands still do not rig. Feet etc work.


    OK; as I see, the only remained problem is rigging the hands. Please watch the video tutorial about Character Generator.

    After that if the problem still exist, please create a new topic in the Bug Reports section, so we will discuss about that.



    Rigging the hands also works. Just needed to dial the IKFK spinner.

    Thank you

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